Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Author on Kindle Chronicles

I just wanted to make a quick note that an author I recently helped with a Kindle conversion will be the guest on this week's Kindle Chronicles podcast. Staton Rabin, author of a number of good reads, recently published a biography of Buddy Holly, the legendary Rock n' Roll star, on the Kindle. Be sure to listen to her interview and take a look at her book.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Brain dump

I have been pretty busy (as always!), but I figured it was time to pass along some links I have been collecting and some news about what is new at Kindle Formatting.
  1. I have finally finished the first draft of my book, and I am expecting the proof copy back from the printer Tuesday. My lovely wife is going to proof it for me and I am going to look it over and ensure that everything is up to snuff. Barring any problems, the book should be in print no later than the first week of February. I will probably release the Kindle version before that point, and I might even be offering snippits or chapters on this website as free downloads. Stay Tuned!
  2. I have been doing Kindle conversions for over a year now, and I have decided to make this business my full-time job. As with any other entrepreneur I am a bit anxious about stepping away from the comfort of corporate covering, but I believe very strongly that I can be a greater asset to authors and publishers if I can focus more attention on the services I am offering. Please let me know if you have any projects for me or need any assistance dealing with eBooks of any type.
  3. Foxit Software, a company that makes a PDF viewing product designed to replace Adobe Acrobat, has decided to submit an entry into the eBook device field. From what I can tell, the eSlick just looks like a PDF-reading device, not a robust eBook reader. The specs say that it supports PDF and TXT only, and that it comes with a converter (Foxit Pro, I assume) that will let you print files to a PDF so they can be loaded on the device. What about ePub? Or Mobipocket? Is it really that hard to support eBook standards that are more commonly available than PDFs? I could see PDFs being a big deal for a 8x10 inch device, where the screen more closely matches the size of the print document, but the eSlick is still only the same size as the Kindle. Overall, not worth the cost.
  4. David Rothman over at Teleread has sent out a call for an open source eBook development solution. I like the idea of his ePubWriter, even though I have to question the need within the actual publishing world. Most publishers are using InDesign, and, to be honest, I think most of them are not using that to its full potential. However, ePubWriter would actually be a boon to the growing number of independent authors out there looking for an easy way to get their book in print and in the various e-versions. Any open source developers care to heed the call? I'd be interested in heading up the project if we can pull enough developers together.
  5. Adrian Graham wrote an interesting history of eBooks over the last 10 years. Informative reading.

That's all for now!

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