Book Errata

This is a listing of the errors that have come to my attention in the book. Many thanks to the readers who asked questions.

  • Chapter 1
    • In the discussion of Mobipocket Creator on page 9, I say that "Mac and Linux users may be out of luck." An intrepid reader pointed out that Windows emulators like VMWare Fusion and Wine will allow Windows apps to run on other operating systems. There is also the option of dual-booting to a Windows installation.
    • In the discussion on scanning (page 13), I mention that the easiest way to scan a book is to cut off the binding. There is a scanner called the Plustek Opticbook 3600 Book Scanner that allows you to scan books without breaking or cutting the book binding.
  • Chapter 4
    • Page 41, <h2> should be </h1>
  • Chapter 5
    • In the Default Paragraph Formatting section on page 48 I gave the line height shortcuts on the Kindle 2 as "Alt + Number". They are actually "Alt + Shift + Number".
    • On page 89 I say, "You could also create a survey...". This does not mean that the Kindle supports surveys, just that you could take advantage of the built-in browser.
  • Chapter 6
    • Page 102, the "20th Century" paragraph opens with a <p> tag but closes with </blockquotes>
  • Chapter 7
    • Typo on page 122: the best I knoiw of is calibre
    • In my discussion of the formatting for a NCX file on pages 125-127, I say that the sub elements should be nested. While this is semantically correct, and is the way to create the NCX when you are making an ePub file, the Kindle will ignore nested items when it is creating the waypoints in the progress bar. I suggest that you make an archival copy of the NCX with nesting but place a non-nested version in your Kindle book.
  • Appendix C
    • Page 147: "elipses" is misspelled (should be "ellipses")
    • The uppercase Z with hacek on page 150 and the lowercase z with hacek on page 152 don't work on the Kindle. They should be removed from the list of entities.