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Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide

These files are offered as free downloads to supplement the material in my book, Kindle Formatting: The Complete Guide. They are all provided as-is with no warranty or support. Before using any Perl script, please make a back-up of your file. All of this content is licensed for private use only and may not be distributed in current or revised form. Please do not post this content on your own site; point others to this page so that they see the full context of the files.

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KindleHTMLtags.pdf — A list of HTML and CSS supported on Kindle.

Unicode Characters on Kindle


  • — A Perl script that will convert the most common Unicode characters into HTML entities.
  • — A Perl script that will combine all of the HTML files in its folder into one HTML file, using the header from the first file.
  • — A Perl script that will remove new-line characters from paragraphs, headings, table cells and lists. This is an essential step in cleaning up an HTML file.

A Sample Kindle Book — The Four Million by O. Henry (currently published on the Kindle Store)

Other Resources

This is a compilation of contact information for Amazon, links to informative websites, and helpful tools for your Kindle formatting experience.

Amazon Contacts and Links

DTP technical support:

The Digital Publishing Department:

The Digital Rights Group:

The Digital Text Platform (DTP): (The publishing system for Amazon books)

DTP Forums: (Official discussion forums)

Other Websites, Tools, Blogs, and Forums

Microsoft Word help:

Automated Proofreading with ErrNET:

Mobipocket Creator Download:

Mobipocket Creator Instructions:



Kindle-specific Websites:

eBook and Independent Author Websites:

Differences between Kindle 1 and Kindle 2: